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Charity Folk CD and Concert

Folk music fans will have the opportunity to support a valuable and worthwhile cause when they buy a copy of ‘Kinder Shores’ a CD which is due for release on Thursday 10 May. The album will be officially launched at a special ‘Kinder Shores’ concert at Cromer’s Pavilion Theatre that evening.

The album’s title is taken from “She’s the One” a song by Suffolk singer-songwriter Eric Sedge. It is one of nineteen tracks generously given by well known artists including Ralph McTell, Fairport Convention, Show of Hands, Oysterband, and Home Service, and local artist Hayley Moyses and London based blues duo Fran McGillivray and Mike Burke who have written a song especially for the album.

The project is the brainchild of Jenni Randall and marries her lifelong love of social work with her passion for folk and folk-rock music. She is an award winning social worker who has retired to live in Cromer and has linked up with the Rees Care Leavers Foundation, a national charity that provides ongoing support for those who have previously been in care. The money raised from both the concert and the CD will be used to set up a pilot project in East Anglia to provide much needed access to specialist counsellors for care leavers and care-experienced adults.

Jenni’s continuing involvement in social care issues has come about from maintaining contact with a number of her clients with whom she had been involved with during her fifty years as a social worker. She realised there was a need for continuing counselling and advice for those who were leaving care. “Many of the issues that took them into care are not addressed and the care experience itself can be damaging emotionally and can be carried on long into adult life” Jenni explains “Providing an ongoing specialist counselling targeted to the new issues and changing needs when they leave care will give them a better chance to succeed in the outside world.”

‘It’s a pleasure to be raising funds for such a good cause and look forward to a brilliant show with Eric  singing his splendid song that inspired Kinder Shores. Please come along and support such a worthy cause.” Richard Digance

Copies of the CD will be available at the concert and online from mid May. The concert starts at 8pm and includes Eric Sedge, Fraser Nimmo, Gareth Turner and Simon Care, Hayley Moyses’ Britgrass Three, and Richard Digance. and compere Sue Marchant. Tickets are available from the Pavilion Theatre box 01263 512495 or


Contact for information/media

Jenni Randall 01263 511261/07876 454453



For Rees Care Leavers Foundation

Wendy Dawson CEO

07938 741520



Jenni Randall

Jenni Randall has been a social worker for 50 years. She has spent the majority of her career working with children and young people who are not able to live with their own families.

She gained her initial qualification in 1972 from Plymouth Polytechnic, and has a Masters in Social Work from UEA and an Advanced Counselling qualification from the University of Hull. She has managed residential homes, worked in the community as both a trainer and counsellor. In the last few years she gave up management roles to return to her roots as a front line social worker. She continues to maintain a blog writing on social work and associated subjects

Today she is as passionate about her work as she was 50 years ago. In 2013 she was awarded a Lifetime Achievement award by her profession at the Social Work Awards for her work with young people in care. She has retained contact with many of those for whom she cared in their earlier years and as such understands the need for continuing support through into adulthood. “They may leave care but care never leaves them”, she said, “This is why I want to raise money to provide a service that can provide continuing help. Those of us who have families to support us in times of need are very lucky, some of these young people have no one they can trust or ask.”


Rees The Care leavers Foundation and Kinder Shores

Our aim is to fund a Pilot project across East Anglia to provide a free Counselling services for Care-Leavers

The world outside can be a scary place for a “life rookie” leaving care or foster care.

Who can they turn to for help, support and guidance if they have no family?

For many care-leavers their traumatic experiences outside require them to have access to a range of intensive Counselling support and therapeutic interventions.


    • An estimated 45% of children in care have a diagnosable mental health disorder compared to 10% of all Children.
    • 61% of children come into care because of abuse or neglect. Over half of mental health problems start by the age of 14 and 75% by the age of 18. 1 in 5 young people in care have low well-being, with teenage girls at particular risk.
    • 90 children enter the care system each day – a record high!
    • 12,000 16 and 17 year old present as homeless to their local authority every year

(Statistics from “Respected and Protected. Securing a better future for all children”. Thomas Coram Foundation for Children 2018)


Many care-leavers experience anxiety, trauma and mental health issues. If they need access to a Counselling service there are so many hoops to jump through. Too often instead of finding the support they really need they spiral into homelessness, drug and alcohol addiction and are at risk of sexual exploitation, and criminal activity.


All the money raised from the sale of this CD will be used by Rees The Care Leavers Foundation to provide access to good quality counselling. The Foundation aims to pilot a free specialist service across East Anglia which if successful will be rolled out nationally.




Notes to Editors:

BACKGROUND –Rees Foundation


Our Mantra is: Respect, Engage, Energise, Support


Rees Foundation was launched in 2014 as a registered Charity (1154019) to address the lifelong needs of those who have been in care.

Our focus is on the reality of many young people’s transition from care into adult life and the ongoing impact of care experience on their ability to reach their potential and achieve their dreams throughout their lives.

We are driven to do something about it, and to do something different.

What is apparent is there is real potential to create a peer support community for care-experienced people across the country.

We will ensure the voice of care-experienced people is heard and we will help inform and influence policy and good practice for care-leavers

We will continue to grow our services to people with care-experience working in partnership with care-experienced people and other stakeholders; service providers, Local Authorities, Government Ministers with the principle motivation to improve services, policy and practice to improve life chances for care-leavers and care-experienced people.

We are currently developing:


  • Rees Peer Network Events across the country to provide a safe and enabling environment to share Life Stories, make safe and appropriate friendships, learn new skills, and hear about job and education opportunities.
  • Care-experienced peer-mentoring buddying service a form of early intervention to support care-leavers navigate their way to independence, affordable housing, employment or education and practice advice and guidance with budgeting, health and nutrition.
  • Working in partnership with the Rees Café serving home cooked food at an affordable price as well as access to support
  • Continuing to help care-leavers in crisis
  • Working with the MOD to support care-experienced people


For more information visit

Our website is currently being re-designed and may not reflect all that we are currently providing so please pick up the phone or email to meet with the team.


Wendy Dawson

Chief Executive

February 2018






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