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Welcome to the Rees Foundation’s resources page.
Feel free to download anything you think might be useful or interesting for you by clicking on the top-right of each post.

Care Leaver Entitlements Flowchart


Our Prospects

Care leavers for better work, education, and life


See the best practice for professionals from this event


Our Stories

Guidance on Sharing Care Experience

Telling their Stories

Best practice for professionals facilitating care experienced forums

Your Evolving Sense of Self

Care Leavers on the importance of personal identity

Help them Evolve

Best Practice for Professionals Facilitating Care Experienced Personal Growth

Our Strategic Plan



Other Useful Rees Foundation Links:


Care Leavers Charter

Useful links from other organisations

Become Advice Line

Propel University and College guidance for care leavers

Princes Trust Opportunities

Energy Debt?: British Gas Energy Trust

Total Transitions Recruitment

StepChange Debt Advice

Care Leavers Information Ap

Living With Strangers

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