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Living With Strangers

Living With Strangers is a training resource that brings the voices of young people to a wider audience by filming their reflections on their experience of living in foster care.

Rees has been working in collaboration with a dozen care-experienced people from diverse backgrounds and care experiences (ranging in age from 18 to 31 years old) to bring you the broadest and most comprehensive insight into how care experience affects personal development on the market.

Living With Strangers is relevant and useful for those in the field of fostering, education, health, youth work, residential care, youth justice, and other community organisations whose work may bring them into contact with looked after children or young people and adults with care experience. Many of the exercises will be suitable for a mixed group of staff, carers and young people.

In total there are 24 hours and 20 minutes of training material. Each part includes a number of training exercises, most of which are connected to a short chapter in the DVD, and some which stand alone.

100% of the proceeds from the sale of Living with Strangers goes into a crisis fund for care leavers.


“It doesn’t matter how experienced you are, there is always value in hearing it directly”

Pamela Graham
Scottish Throughcare and Aftercare Forum Organisation.

Living With Strangers comes in four parts:


Moving In

Part one focuses on the introductions and first impressions of a child moving into foster care. It prompts participants to draw on their own experiences as children growing up and apply this to the different experiences of children who are removed from their own families.


Making A Home

Part two focuses on the adaptation of the child to the new foster family. It helps participants to understand that all children have a different experience of family life, and this experience informs their behaviour and development.


Making A Difference

Part three focuses on the people who help to make a difference to the child when in foster care, and why. We reflect on our own motivation to work with or care for children, and listen to young people talk about what they expect of their carers.


Moving On

Part four focuses on young people preparing to leave foster care and live independently. We learn how, despite having faced many hardships in their lives, many young people come to develop resilience and a strong sense of personal responsibility.

What's included?

Living With Strangers is available to buy as a five-disc pack including

  • All four films,
  • Copy of all scripts,
  • Background and introductions,
  • Trainer’s Guide Overview,
  • Trainer’s Guide for each of the four parts,
  • 23 individual exercises and trainer’s notes,
  • Transcript of the DVD for each of the four parts,
  • Short summary of the ‘story’ of each care-experienced person,
  • Based largely on their reflections as part of this project.

When you purchase Living With Strangers, you will also gain access to our online portal where you can conveniently download all materials and resources wherever and whenever you need them.

“The voices of those who know are the best training tool – the varied stories each bring a different and thought provoking insight.”

Mirlam Uhlemann,
director Fostering First Ireland

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Bespoke Options

Rees Foundation can also deliver a bespoke version of Living With Strangers to your organisation.

We will select our trainers by taking into consideration your individual needs and interests, and are committed to employing people with care experience to facilitate the training where possible.

You can choose to either have the full training, or select the parts most relevant to your work and the time you have available.

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Living With Strangers

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