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We support young people and adults who’ve had foster care or residential care experience. We’re here to make sure that anyone with care experience can get the support they need to help them achieve their maximum potential.


We understand that leaving foster care or residential care can be a real challenge for young people. The transition to independent living can be very difficult for care leavers when compared to the same transition for people with a family support network; it can have an impact throughout their lifetime. We all need advice, support and positive relationships to in order to thrive – no matter what stage we’re at in life!


“It’s going fine – we talk about home and school, and stuff.  It’s alright!”

Daniella McIllwham

“It was a great opportunity; it’s definitely something I’d like to do more of because I enjoyed it that much. Being part of an interview panel is obviously really useful because it means that you get your voice out there!”

Kieran Parsonage

“The people I sat on the panel with were very friendly and easy to talk to. The experience was very interesting sitting on an interview panel and seeing what it was like from the other side of the table. Also a learning experience on what people look for when interviewing.”

Mark Taylor

“It was really good, we took turns to ask questions (I was allocated a few questions) and we recorded each response. It felt dead professional; it was really nice to be treated as an equal.”

Samraj Singh

“This has been my greatest strength over the years throughout my adult life the ability to ask for help is one thing, but having someone there to actually help is another!”

Ian Thomas

“Volunteering for the Rees Foundation- using your experience and skills to help out- This has contributed to giving me a sense of worth, my views and expressions are heard as I’m given the opportunity to advocate for myself and others with care experience.”

Ian Thomas

“I really enjoyed undertaking the mentoring qualification, it helped in adding a further qualification and some more experience to my CV. I found the tutors were also helpful and understanding.”

Flavia Jarrett

“Completing the mentoring qualification has been a huge jump for me in my academic journey, from a person who left school with not grades and thought education was not something I could ever achieve!”

Ian Thomas

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